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What type of work do you do?

We’re a full-service design build firm offering kitchen, bath, and other interior remodels as well as exterior remodels and custom homes. We’re known throughout the Atlanta area for our attention to detail and personalized service. And our comprehensive insurance and warranties go above and beyond state standards.


Why choose design/build & why choose Moon Brothers?

This one’s simple! Because you know what you’re getting before construction starts. Every design solution has been previously worked out. All materials have been chosen and are on-site. From day one, you stay involved in the project and your voice is heard. And construction not only starts on time, it finishes on schedule, too.It’s true, there are many remodeling firms in the Atlanta area for you to choose as your Design Build partner. And most define the services they provide, their processes, and their local reputations in a similar manner.

We believe what sets Moon Brothers apart is the value we place on building genuine, integrity-based relationships with our clients. We’re proud of our reputation for quality design and we work hard to earn your trust.


Is Design/Build more expensive?

Since you pay for the initial plans, using a separate architect may increase your upfront costs. Working with a design build firm lets you control your design and budget with the builder from the get-go. Everything “under one roof” helps you save on cost because both services are combined.


How can I make this process as simple and clear as possible?

With design/build, from conception to completion a single point of contact combined with a unified team is the greatest advantage of the design build approach. It helps:

  • Simplify the process and management of people.

  • Meet your design goals while respecting your budget.

  • Increase on-site efficiencies.

For our clients, this translates into fewer cost discrepancies because from day one your designer utilizes real and timely construction estimates.


How much guidance do I need, or more importantly want?

Some people love doing all the legwork involved with making material selections. General contractors typically do not have a process in place for the selection of fixtures, appliances, cabinets, countertops, and other materials. A design build firm guides you through the entire process and helps make choosing these items easier and less costly.

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