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"A boutique firm like ours is still thriving because we have created long-lasting relationships along the way, & established a reputation of quality work and integrity."

Established in 1972, Moon Bros. Inc. is an architectural design/build firm in the truest sense. The process of design/build from architecture through finished building is a cohesive sequence at Moon Bros. Inc. We have the unique ability to have your architect build your project. We have created a culture of service that we believe sets us apart, and it is our innate duty to go above and beyond for our clients, and give them peace of mind in their investment and in our investment with them.  When a client trusts us with their vision, their home, and their family's future, we want them to know from the first hand shake to the final, that they have experts, colleagues and friends behind them. 

A boutique firm like ours is still thriving because we have created long-lasting and trusting relationships along the way, and established a reputation of quality work and integrity.  We show our clients these qualities through our everyday systems and processes, and on a larger scale by maintaining budgets, schedule and communication.

No one could have more knowledge of the building, in all ways: design, construction details, and budget, than the architect who designed it with you. Your architect will build your project with his own craftsmen, who have years of hands-on experience in architectural design/ build. From the first meeting until the completion of construction you will have the team of Moon Bros. Inc. Architects/Craftsmen.



One of the founding partners of Moon Bros. Inc., Kito received his BA in Architecture from Ohio University and a Master’s Degree of Architecture from Georgia Tech. Kito began his journey to become an architect in the second grade when he first learned the meaning of the word. Early on, he took jobs as a surveyor, mason, and a carpenter. Combine the breadth and variety of his experience together and it points to one field—design/build.

Kito’s passions extend beyond that of architecture. He has enjoyed a lifetime as an accomplished runner and cyclist: riding across Nova Scotia and running the Boston Marathon are among his triumphs. Always an outdoorsman, he enjoys skiing, mountain biking, camping and hiking as vital parts of his life. His role as coach in running and baseball  have also been passions for many years.



Foz is a second generation architect.  You could say its in his blood.  He designed his first house about the same time he got his driver's license.  He graduated from Ohio University with a BFA and a Masters of Architecture from Georgia Tech.  After graduating, he and his two best friends, Karl de Santos (Kito) and John Duncan (J.D.) started Moon Bros Inc. by designing and building their first home.  They built it themselves.  They all wanted to know what it really took to actually build what they drew.  They were one of the first to start the design/build movement in Atlanta and have been doing it ever since.

Foz's two favorite architects are Frank Lloyd Wright and Eero Saarinen.  Wright is a favorite for his incredible sense of space and Saarinen because he was one of the first architects to employ a wide range of styles, adapting his design to the client’s needs rather than having a style driven practice. Foz strives to be like his heroes, always aiming to serve his clients’ diverse needs by fabricating unique, creative, and inspiring solutions of all types and styles to best fit his clients’ desires and lifestyles. 

Foz is passionate about his architecture, the outdoors, sports, and his children.



Bachelors of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University, Magna Cum Laude

At Moon Bros. Inc. since 1999

Registered Architect (Texas) since 1996

Interests include hiking, biking and spending time with her family – husband (Mike) and daughters (Lily Mae and Jude Harper)



Bachelors of Architecture from Washington University, Cum Laude

Master’s of Architecture from Georgia Tech

Architect at Moon Bros. Inc. since 2008

Registered Architect since 2010

Interests include movies, the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and spending time with his wife Susanna, and two children; Mary and Ben.

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